Duty of care

Duty of Care is a focal point in assessing an organization’s obligations toward traveling employees and protects those employees from potential threats and risks. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) reports, “The cornerstones of an effectively managed travel program are a well-designed travel policy and compliance.” While ground transportation is rated No. 5 among the highest T&E spend categories, GBTA warns that “Chauffeured car service continues to be a largely unmanaged and low compliance area.”

Accredited Limousine employs an extensive process for vetting drivers to address security and duty-of-care best practices. This process includes appropriate licensing, registration, background checks, and employment history verifications. Our drivers are fully insured, with high minimum per-accident coverage. For additional security, we send automated text messages to our passengers with links to their drivers’ names, pictures, car details, and real-time GPS-enabled maps of the current vehicle location.

Licensing and Background Checks

All drivers must be properly registered, with licenses in good standing with local authorities.

All vehicles are required to have proper markings per local regulations. All drivers undergo exhaustive background checks via local authorities or Accredited Limousines.

Screening of Vehicles and Drivers

Accredited Limousine drivers must have a minimum of two years of commercial driving experience and a flawless driving record, and our fleet of vehicles is regularly inspected to ensure quality and cleanliness.


All drivers are required to utilize Accredited Limousine’s driver mobile app. The app provides Accredited Limousine, our passengers, and those who arrange travel for our clients with the GPS position of each vehicle, the make and model of the car, and a photo of the driver.

Driver Reviews

Drivers are reviewed continually via surprise audits, scorecards, and customer feedback. Post-ride surveys are also available through the Accredited Limousine mobile app. The surveys provide immediate feedback to us about the customer’s experience. Ratings and performance reviews are monitored perpetually to ensure exceptional service delivery to our customers.


All Accredited Limousine affiliates must maintain high limits on auto liability insurance. They are also required to list Accredited Limousine as an additionally insured entity. Accredited Limousine also carries additional commercial auto coverage to meet or exceed shortfalls in the unfortunate or unlikely event of a claim.

Customer Data Protection and Privacy

Accredited Limousine takes the security of customer data seriously. Our company is PCI Certification awarded and maintained, which means our systems have been found to meet a rigorous list of requirements that ensure our customer data is protected during processing, transmission, and storage in our secure data storage environment.

In every country where we operate, we fully comply with local laws regarding privacy protection for our customers. We continually update and review our IT platform to ensure data processing and storage safety. We also have a Business Continuity Plan with a redundant remote data center or, as we call it, a Disaster Recovery Environment (DRE).

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Environmental consciousness is the new rule by which the chauffeured ground transportation industry must play, and we’re already ahead of the game.

Accredited Limousine has committed to development through environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic progress. To us, that means meeting society’s needs today while respecting future generations’ ability to meet their needs.

At Accredited Limousine, we believe that sustainability can be achieved cost-effectively while driving growth and profitability. We are committed to environmental sustainability and developing new technologies and services.

Fulfilling the promise of sustainability comes with challenges, but we know that there are enormous business benefits to be gained by embracing environmental imperatives. Environmental sustainability will continue to be a significant factor fueling Accredited Limousine’s innovation engine as we explore new ideas and opportunities to address environmental concerns while solving business problems.